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You can read this document if you need assistance creating your user account for the first time. If you need additional assistance setting up your account, you can call 1-800-934-2621. If you have other questions, please call the Athletics Office (contact info on the Contact Us page).

Middle School Football (grades 7-8)   +

7th & 8th Football: Football is an activity that any student in 7th - 8th grade can participate in (all athletes get to play). After the season begins, there are usually 1-2 games per week (Games will be on Saturdays). There is usually one 7th grade and one 8th grade team. There is generally practice everyday after school except Fridays, if there is no game. We will be playing in the LMAA league this season.

6th Grade football: 6th graders are encouraged to join a team through the St. Louis Park Football Association.

LMAA League: You need to register your student athlete in the LMAA league as well as sign-up for football through the school. This is for league insurance purposes. After registering for football below return here to register for the LMAA League.

Fall 2024 Timeline:

First Official Practice - TDB

First Game - TBD - End of August

Season ends middle of October

Sports Physicals: All athletes will need to have a current sports physical (not immunizations) on file at the Middle School before they will be able to participate. Physicals are good for 3 years.

Activity Bus and Transportation: Buses will leave the Middle School at 5:30 everyday after practice once school starts. If they have an event that lasts past 5:30 they will need to be picked up after the event at the middle school. We provide bus transportation to and from all away sporting events.

Season Length: The first day of practice is TBD (summer practice schedule will be sent out in June). The season lasts approx. 8 weeks, usually the middle of October. Once school starts practices are from 4:00 – 5:30 PM, Monday - Thursday. There are no after school activities on Fridays.
2425-Football-78, *For Grades 7-8 In 24-25 School Year*    
Strength and Conditioning -2024-25 School Year   +
Strength and Conditioning is a year-round program designed to support Oriole athletes both in and off-season. This program is a complement to athletes' sport skill training and specifically targets growth in the areas of strength, speed, agility, mobility and injury prevention. The program is carefully coached to keep all athletes safe while they work toward achieving their athletic goals.

Our researched based approach will prepare athletes for sport in the safest way possible while under the supervision of coaches and in consultation with athletic training staff. Workloads will be carefully monitored and progressed appropriately for all athletes.


Summer 2024

Monday-Thursday for ALL GROUPS beginning Monday, June 10th.

No practice 6/19, 7/1-5

7:00-8:15am High School Athletes (all high school athletes welcome)

8-9:15am High School Athletes (all high school athletes welcome)

9-10:15am Middle & High School GIRLS ONLY

10-11:00 Middle School Athletes (all middle school athletes welcome)

*All sessions meet at the HIGH SCHOOL*

School Year 2024-2025

Tentative Schedule:

High School: Monday-Thursday



Middle School: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday


*All sessions meet at the HIGH SCHOOL*

Policies and Expectations:

Please read all of the following information prior to registering your athlete.

Here are the guidelines and expectations for athletes and parents:

1. Athletes MUST register for a specific session. If an athlete needs to attend a session outside their normal session, this must be pre-arranged and approved with Coach Gust

2. Athletes MUST leave all personal items at home, in their cars or locked in the locker room. We are not responsible for lost or stolen items.

3. Athletes MUST bring their own water bottle, already filled. Due to construction at the school, drinking fountains will not be accessible.

Registration and Fees

For High School and Middle School Athletes:

Registration for the program is a yearly fee and will cover participation from June 2024 through May 2025. The program is priced to be roughly equal to the fee for one season of sport participation. As a result, fees are not prorated at any time during the year. Please contact Athletic Director Andy Ewald for any fee related questions (

Registration refunds will only be issued within two weeks of the first summer practice or 2 weeks of the athlete's registration date. Please contact the athletic office to begin the refund process.

Registration steps:

Step 1: Submit your up-to-date physical to the athletic office if needed. Your physical must be good through May 2025 to register for S&C. Click here and scroll down to the ‘Physicals’ tab for necessary forms. If your physical is already good through May 2025, you can skip this step!

Step 2: Click here to select your summer S&C session preference.

Once these steps have been completed, your athlete is ready to start practice on Monday, June 10th. Please do not send athletes who are not registered to practice. Athletes must be fully registered to participate.
2425-SC-B, Boys    
2425-SC-G, Girls